Trident HvacMarine Sdn Bhd specialises in tailor-made solutions in the field of total Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration systems for offshore structures and marine vessels.

The HVAC & refrigeration team in Trident have the benefit of over 20 years experience providing turnkey HVAC & refrigeration solutions to offshore installations and vessels and have gained a unique competence that ensures solutions meeting the most stringent demands for comfort, safety and energy efficiency under all environmental conditions.

Large, complex HVAC & refrigeration projects in the offshore and marine industries are fraught with numerous challenges related to health and safety, logistics, economics, quality assurance and overall performance. As a leading supplier of specialized offshore and marine HVAC & refrigeration systems and services, Trident knows how to avoid potential pitfalls in these sorts of projects, and deliver total HVAC & refrigeration solutions in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner using the latest techniques and practices.

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Turnkey Solutions
Our team of engineers is capable of undertaking complete turnkey project from design and development to installation stage. We have established alliances with major equipment suppliers, enabling us to provide better cost and design concept for our customers.

As a provider of HVAC & refrigeration engineering services to clients, we are capable of working to meet specific standards applicable anywhere in the world. Whether your requirements are onshore, offshore or marine, in Malaysia or overseas, Trident HvacMarine Sdn Bhd will work with you to provide solutions to your HVAC and refrigeration problems. We will deliver complete ‘turnkey’ project management from conception to completion.

Apart from HVAC & refrigeration engineering services, Trident also specializes in providing Marioff’s HI-FOG fire protection systems, outfitting of accommodation spaces and design, fabricate and install ventilation ducts.