• Design, fabricate and install rectangular, spiral, un-insulated and pre-insulated, ventilation duct (Galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and PVC) for low, medium and high pressure system.

  • Repair, modification and new installation of ducting complete with insulation for vapour barrier.
  • Repair, fabrication of fan casing, centrifugal and axial fan, including dynamic balancing.
  • Volume control damper, sound attenuator, air diffusion equipment, cabin unit and mixing box. Class approved fire damper (Manual, electrical and pneumatic operated).
  • The cleanliness of a large ship or yacht's ventilation system is critical in maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Dirty systems do not operate close to design specifications and will not control the moisture loads within the ship or yacht, which affect comfort and the indoor environment. This is along with the fact that dirty systems can build up irritating contaminants. The interior furnishings become exposed and damaged by these contaminants as they are blown out of the ventilation system. The sea air provides a moist environment and ideal conditions for fungal and bacteria growth.
  • All ships and yachts should have a regular ventilation system/air duct cleaning preventative maintenance program.
  • We provide HVAC robotic air duct cleaning, maintaining acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) by cleaning out mould, fungi, dust and other contaminants.

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